I am a graduate research student at a children's hospital and they have fairly strict rules on how patient data is handled. The general principle is that the data cannot leave hospital hardware onto personal laptops, personal email, etc. Currently the hospital trusts the graduate students and staff data scientists to respect the rules without any auditing, however we are wanting to on-board summer students. Essentially, we want to be able to check/prove that none of these students emailed data to themselves, `scp''d it to their university/Amazon servers, etc. Perhaps it would be even better if we could prevent undesired behavior before it happens (rather than an audit after the fact), but we cannot restrict the usefulness of the data either. I'm trying to figure out if SELinux would be a solution but I have not used it before. Is there any software for auditing the data usage?

TL;DR: Software for auditing how private/confidential data gets used?

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