I do not want to use Cloudwatch want to use shell script for this , Could you please suggest?

Actually i have written a script as below:

But its not alerting me when the EFS is unmounted.

##email subject
subject="EFS is unmounted"
## sending mail to
## send carbon copy to

## Check if EFS is mounted or not
efscommenpart=$(df -kh | grep amazonaws.com | cut -d "." -f4)

## If EFS is unmounted
if [[ "$efscommenpart" -ne amazonaws  ]]


        echo -e "EFS is not mounted" | mailx -s "$subject" -r "$Hostname" -c "$to" "$also_to"

This is urgent...!!!


As the bash scripting guide will tell you, -ne does integer comparison. To compare strings, you'll need to use the != operator instead.


$ var=empty
$ if [[ $var != "amazonews" ]]; then echo Send Email; else echo All Good; fi
Send Email

$ var=amazonews
$ if [[ $var != "amazonews" ]]; then echo Send Email; else echo All Good; fi
All Good

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