Few days ago i have installed elasticsearch,

For diagnosing some problems on my elasticsearch setup, i have checked the logs files located in /var/log/elasticsearch and tailed them but apparently the directory's owner is elasticsearch and the group is elasticsearch, therefore i have resolved it by switching to root and apply the tail (not an elegant way).

Now I would like to write a simple script to tail those files (I'm using tmux), Does anybody has a suggestion how to overcome the the privileges issue while using a script? I prefer keeping the ownership to elasticsearch user.

  • Will the script be run by root? – Panki May 15 at 7:10
  • I prefer not, although I can. – JammingThebBits May 15 at 7:12

Considering 'Stuart' is the user running your script, you can :

  • make Stuart a member of the elasticsearch group (provided group members can actually access these log files)
  • OR make the directory + logs readable by Stuart. This implies :

    • setting the execution bit on /var/log/elasticsearch so that Stuart can enter it
    • setting the read bit on /var/log/elasticsearch/whatever.log so that Stuart can actually read it
  • OR define sudo privileges (but this sounds overkill)

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