I was using a script to copy the contents of a folder via SCP, without copying the folder itself. Something like this:

scp -i id_rsa -P "$PORT" -r "$HOST:/folder1/folder2/." "backup"

(I'm not able to use * because I want to include dot files, too.)

This has recently stopped working and I'm getting the following error:

scp: error: unexpected filename: .

I think the cause for this are these changes to SCP from November 2018.

Does this mean I'm no longer able to copy contents of a folder via SCP without copying the folder itself?

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    Why not just use rsync instead? It does exactly what you're trying to do. – Nasir Riley May 14 at 22:05
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    @finefoot I think your interpretation is correct. It was probably an undocumented feature, removed from the undocumented api (web archive of protocol). One workaround is for you create a symbolic link ln -s . folder2 in the backup directory before the copy. – meuh May 15 at 17:53

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