I have a script, that starts my server. I want to start openvpn client before it. Here my current working solution:


openvpn --client --config $OVPN_CONFIG &

sleep 10

npm start

I want to avoid sleep and check openvpn sucessfull running by output line:

Tue May 14 16:35:50 2019 Initialization Sequence Completed

How to do that? Note, that this script used as docker container entrypoint.

  • Did my solution work for you? If not, I would be happy if you could point out the problems you had with it. – Socowi Jun 5 at 11:14

The following bash one-liner runs openvpn, waits for the output Init... Completed, immediately starts npm, and continues to run openvpn in the background.

#! /bin/bash
grep -qF 'Initialization Sequence Completed' <(openvpn ...) && npm start

In case openvpn never prints Init... Completed the whole command will terminate after openvpn terminates without starting npm.

Since I have neither openvpn nor npm installed I use the following functions to emulate their behavior.

openvpn() {
  echo "something something"
  sleep 1
  echo "$(date) Initialization Sequence Completed"
  sleep 1
  echo "openvpn still running" >&2 # prints to stderr so that we see it 
npm() {
  echo "started npm"

With these the output of the one-liner from above is

started npm
openvpn still running

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