I'm working with Debian 9. My computer has two partitions, so I have Debian alongside W10.

I needed to install a Windows program (STAMP), so I decided to install Wine instead to do it in the Windows partition. I did it as the official page says it (https://wiki.winehq.org/Debian). Then I downloaded an executable binary from STAMP's website (http://kiwi.cs.dal.ca/Software/Quick_installation_instructions_for_STAMP). Until here everything was Ok. I was able to open the STAMP software via terminal (wine stamp.exe).

Problems started when I closed the terminal. I wasn't able to open any file. I tried to open my file manager (Dolphin because I'm using Plasma) and it didn't work, and my files were opened using Visual Basic. I restarted my computer and it went worse. Grub starts and I'm able to select between Debian and Windows. If I select Windows everything is ok, but when I choose Debian it can't start session. I can type my password (even erase it) but when I press Enter nothing happens.

If I start in terminal is Ok (Ctrl + Alt + F2), but I need to use the graphic enviroment. What could be the problem?


  • Login to Linux in terminal mode. Run df -h. Is any of the filesystems, in particular the filesystem that contains your home directory, 100% in use? The X11 GUI login needs to write a tiny file (~/.Xauthority) in order to login, but if your disk is 100% full then that is going to fail. – telcoM May 14 at 8:33

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