I am currently working on a small embedded display (400x400) which communicates via MIPI but I have an HDMI->MIPI adapter board. Using HDMI from a Mac computer runs the display perfectly fine. However, when I try to run it from linux, in most distros I've tried, it instead displays unmoving colored static which makes me think that there may be a driver issue.

Here are the distros which I have tried so far and their results:

  • Android O : Static

  • Android Q : Static

  • Ubuntu 16.04 : Static

  • Ubuntu 18.04 : Works perfectly

Our current plans require that we be able drive this display from Android. Ubuntu 18.04 is based off of kernel 4.15, and Android only goes as far as 4.14.

Do you think it is possible that I could somehow get the HDMI drivers from Ubuntu 18.04 into Android? Am I even thinking about this the right way? I'm not very experienced in Linux.

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