I have a string which is concatenation of "key":"value" pairs separated by "," like-


From this string, I have to grep for a specific string -- let's say KEY2 -- so the output of our command should be VALUE2.

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    Can the values contain quotes commas or colons? Is it JSON? – Jeff Schaller May 13 '19 at 12:54

Using pgrep:

grep -Po '(^|[ ,])KEY1:\K[^,]*'

or egrep and cut:

grep -Eo '(^|[ ,])KEY2:[^,]*' | cut -d: -f2-

For both methods, the Value is not allowed to contain comma.

If you had proper json, e.g.

{ "KEY1":"VALUE1", "KEY2":"VALUE2", "KEY3":"VALUE3" }

you could use jq:

jq ".KEY2"

With regular grep assuming VALUE doesn't contain a colon:

grep -o 'KEY2:[^,]\+' | grep -o '[^:]\+$'
  • @RoVo: added caveat – Thor May 13 '19 at 14:25

To grep only the value

echo $myString | grep -Po "(?<=KEY2:)[^,]*"


grep -Po "(?<=KEY2:)[^,]*" <<< $myString

Use awk, read key:value pair as record, read key, value as 1st and 2nd field.

awk -v RS=' *, *' -v FS=' *: *' '$1=="KEY2"{print $2}'  <<<$str
  • -v RS=' *, *' set record separator to , and it's surrounding space
  • -v FS=' *: *' set field separator to : and it's surrounding space
  • '$1=="KEY2"{print $2}' print value if key found. change "KEY2" to your desired key value.

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