I am creating a kvm setup for POC.

KVM Host IP range:
default virtual network with NAT forwarding :

below are the guest vm NIC settings:

enter image description here

Now, I want to access KVM guest from external network.

What changes need to done to make guest vm accessible ?

  • Hi and welcome to U&L! Can you add some additional detail of what you are trying to route? For example, "I'm trying to allow Host A @ to reach the VM @" or whatever your exact requirement is. If we understand what you are going for it will be easier to answer. – user1794469 May 13 at 19:30
  • Hello, Thank you. i just wanted to add that guest IP range( is already an external network, now, i wanted to access the GW if my guest vm ip is If i need to add route/gw to reach orhave to do bridging for it ? please suggest. – SPS May 14 at 9:47

You are showing two different networks in the first block: and so these won't be able to talk to each other without some iptables rules.

What you probably want to do is start the guest with "user networking". You can do this by simply starting the guest with no networking options (user networking is the default):

qemu-system-x86_64 -hda /path/to/hda.img

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