I have 8 gb of ram, ssd and very greedy for ram Android studio/gradle. and sometimes when gradle builds project(eats ram) it hangs all ubuntu(and xubuntu). ui becomes so laggish - mouse cursor moves 1 cm per 10 seconds. i dont know why it happens and it seems that no one knows cause there is a couple questions like mine in internet about "studio freezes ubuntu", "heavy for ram application freezes ubuntu", "ubuntu hangs when full ram", etc. and symptoms are the same. and there is also tracked bug since 2007. it seems that it's very specific situation because in one moment gradle needs a lot of ram for operating with big files on disk. it seems like at the same time it needs both ram and storage for opperating with big files. and somehow it hangs the system. so my question is - is there any option to disable buff/cache? or maybe param like swappines (0..100) but for buff/cache? i know that i shouldn't care for ram used for cache because it is available at any time, but i think in this case it doesn't work as should. maybe i am drastically wrong)


i found out that i had only 2gb file swap and my 8gb swap partition wasn't enabled(it's lame. but i'm new in linux). file partition swap was full on high loading and i assume that an ubuntu freeze was just a lack of virtual memory. i am still not sure about that because i remember that there was still 400-700mb buff/cache available memory before freeze. but anyway i mark this question as solved due to enabling 8gb swap partition. will reopen if freeze occur.

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