With lsmod I can watch all kernel modules that running in my linux.

How can I suspend and resume spesific kernel module?

I tried use modprobe -r <module_name> but got error can't change directory to '/lib/modules': no such file or directory The module exist in another path(not in /lib/modules) .

Tried rmmod -f <module_path> but got error rmmod: can't unload <module_name> : Resource temporarily unavaliable.

  • The specific message rmmod: can't unload <module_name> indicates the message probably comes from the BusyBox toolkit. Together with modules not being under /lib/modules this suggests a heavily customized, probably embedded environment. Normally kernel modules should have plugged themselves into the appropriate power management subsystems in the kernel, and deal with suspend/resume requests through the power management API. So why are you trying to do that manually? (Maybe an XY problem?) – telcoM May 13 at 8:38

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