I'm trying to stop the KDE Panel, for use my own panel for example Gnome Panel, Lxpanel or other, then i need stop it or disable permanent before run my gnome panel or lxpanel, to prevent errors, how i can do work it?.

example of what i need:

killall kde-panel


killall plasma-panel


service plasma-panel stop

Or where i can find the config file to set kde panel to disabled?

note: Im using ubuntu or debian...


Why not just use the graphical user interface?

If you haven't locked your widgets, click on ☰ normally found at the end of the Plasma panel, and then on More Settings. You'll now see an option to Remove Panel.

Removing Panel

If you have locked your widgets, ☰ won't be available in the panel. Click on a free space on your desktop and then press Alt+D followed by L to make ☰ visible.

Of course, you may want to add the appropriate command to your Autostart to ensure you'll have the panel of your choice available on start up.

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This command will stop the KDE Panels:

killall plasmashell

And the Composition Manager and Kwin will keep running, without be affected.

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    This appears to kill other parts of plasma such as volume buttons. – Sparhawk May 29 '19 at 10:29

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