When I run command asciiview image.jpg I'm able to view image in the terminal and quit browser using q key. I've tried different ways to redirect the output of the asciiview image.jpg to the console output (stdout) or save in the file such as asciiview image.jpg > ascii_art.txt or asciiview -driver stdout image.jpg > ascii_art.txt but I didn't get a result as I'm expecting. In the first case, I had to manually press Ctrl+C to get a proper image in the text file, in the second case I didn't get anything meaningful that would resemble the picture. Have anyone ideas how I can save image produced by asciiview directly to file or display it in the console output without entering browser and having to press q key?


Have you tried echo q | asciiview ?? That seems to be how others have handled embedding asciiview in their process.

"echo q | asciiview -driver stdout -kbddriver stdin %s 2>/dev/null"

The -kbddriver stdin also looks important here. Throwing errors into /dev/null is also worth considering.

  • When I set driver stdout the result isn't the same quality as ASCII art produced by the same asciiview %s command. Example: - image produced by command asciiview %s: imgur.com/a/IGeeLxi, - image produced by command echo q | asciiview -driver stdout -kbddriver stdin %s 2>/dev/null: imgur.com/a/aqCQvhs – java-devel May 12 at 18:38
  • Playing with your terminal width might help. Further investigation would require digging into the source code. aa-project.sourceforge.net has links to the sources and mentions some other packages, like gimp, that supposedly have interoperability with with asciiview. – chicks May 12 at 18:58
  • Does exist any simpler way to achieve it? I tried other programs such as jp2a or img2txt but asciiview gives me the best results. – java-devel May 14 at 19:42
  • Not that I can think of. – chicks May 14 at 20:12

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