I'm using Cinnamon 3.6.7 and trying to map my physical Backslash key to work like a "right tab" button. All I did was use setxkbmap -print to generate a short keymap file, then put replace key <BKSL> { [ Tab, ISO_Right_Tab ] }; inside the xkb_symbols section, and finally used xkbcomp to export this keymap to my $DISPLAY.

It works almost perfectly; now my backslash key works like a tab key in nearly every context; I can tab complete using it, insert tab characters, switch browser tabs in chrome using Ctrl-"right tab", where "right tab" is my physical backslash key. However, Alt-"right tab" doesn't cycle through my open cinnamon windows the way Alt-left tab does. To make things even more strange, when I am assigning the shortcut key for "cycle through windows" in the cinnamon keyboard setting, pressing Alt-"right tab" does successfully assign the shortcut as "Alt-tab". However, when I actually press Alt-"right tab", it doesn't actually cycle through windows.

Somehow, cinnamon is refusing to allow the Alt-"right tab" key combination to cycle through windows, even though it does allow that key combination to assign that very shortcut as "alt tab".

Upon some further testing, I went into emacs and used the ctrl-h k feature to see if Alt-"right tab" is getting interpreted as <M-tab>, and sure enough it is; e.g. my physical backslash key is working correctly here, even with Alt.

Hence, it is only cinnamon that is refusing to recognize Alt-"right tab" as "cycle through windows". How can I fix this?

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