I've "burned" (extracted) the Windows 10 installation iso file to a partition on my USB flash drive (part4).
USB/Part1 (EFI) holds systemd-boot.
I can boot into Windows if I from the my UEFI system "bios" directly select part4\bootx64.efi.

But I would like to have it in my systemd-boot menu.

One could be tempted to copy this bootx64.efi to the systemd-boot EFI partition and make and boot entry for it. But this bootx64.efi doesn't know the Windows system-partition is part4 so it will not work.

Tried to use bcdboot (booted WinPE) to create a new EFI file, but it just say Failure when attempting to copy boot files...not sure if the problem is finding the source files or accessing the EFI partition.

Any clue how to fix this?

  • Either have systemd-boot to load the part4\bootx64.efi, but I don't think that's possible as systemd-boot is only able access it's "own" partition ($boot), i.e. usb/part1
  • Somehow manually create a new EFI file with hardcoded UUID of part4 (how can you do that)?

My goal is to create one USB flash drive holding multible Linux and Windows installations "ISO's".
To day I have 8 different USB drives for each OS and it's a pain.

The content of usb/part4:
enter image description here

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