I make a shell that takes arguments in a command line with special conditions on what it is able to do.

For example, anything that appears after the # character will be considered as a comment and the rest of the command line is rendered negligible.

Such as in the command ls -lR /, you would execute the program /bin/ls (performed using execvp) passing into it the parameters -lR and /.

But in the command ls # -lR /, only /bin/ls will run.

I have already made the parsing function that will tokenize command line into strings of separate arguments so I figured it would start from there.

However, I'm not sure how I would go about commenting out everything else after the # character in the CLI. I am using C++.


Only send parts of the line that occur before the ‘#’ to your tokenenize.

  • So how do i do that? Do I have to modify the tokenize function? I'm using strtok() for C++ – Code4life May 11 at 2:25
  • First call strtok using “#” as your token, take only the first item returned from that, and now call strtok again, using your whitespace token. – Don Simon May 14 at 18:11

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