I've searched in the man pages for the at command there are no mentions of timezone or tz. There is this:

The exact definition of the time specification can be found in  /usr/share/doc/at-3.1.10/timespec.

Within that file I see this:

timezone_name   : UTC

I'm guessing that means this command uses UTC as the default timezone. But perhaps there is something I am missing and it will make use of the server's default timezone.

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    easy to test with at 00:00 'date > ~/at-time-test', no? – DopeGhoti May 10 at 17:49

It also states in /usr/share/doc/at/timespec that

time        : time_base
            | time_base timezone_name

which I take to mean that at uses local time or UTC depending on whether "UTC" is specified.  My recollection is that this is the case, although it is some time since I have used at or batch.

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    Local time being whatever you've chosen for your session using the TZ environment variable, or if you haven't, then the system default timezone. – telcoM May 10 at 18:41

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