I need to install a software called nominatim on ubuntu. Following the install instruction, I created a service account user with a specified home directory at /srv/nominatim. I know service account normally don't have home dir, but this one specifies a -m options.

My problem is, since i'm logged in as user A, and am not suppose to run installation as root(no sudo), i keep getting access denied problem when running trying to create things for this "nominatim" user under its own home directory /srv/nominatim. I can't really do a su because there is no password for service account.

what's the best practice to install?

I'm thinking of

  • installing everything under my own home directory and move it to "/srv/nominatim" folder and then chown them later
  • create a password for this "nominatim" user and then remove it later. will this even work ?

Switch to the nominatim user using sudo and run the installation as that user:

sudo -u nominatim -i

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