How can I disable latex's quickfix feature when editing tex files (having vimlatex installed). But I want to keep it for any other language…

Pretty sure this is just a small flag, didn't find it 'though.

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Note: I do not have vim-latex installed. I have just looked at likely parts of the plugin’s code.

What behavior do you want to avoid?

The documentation says that you can set g:Tex_GotoError to prevent automatically jumping to the first error after using \ll to compile.

let g:Tex_GotoError = 0

Also, the code indicates that you can inhibit the log file preview-mode window (below the quickfix window) by setting Tex_ShowErrorContext:

let g:Tex_ShowErrorContext = 0

I did not see an option for controlling whether the quickfix window itself is left open, however. You can close it manually with :cclose (which can be shortened to :ccl).

For both of the above variables, you can use a buffer-local (b:…) or window-local (w:…) instead of the global (g:…) to localize the effect if you do not want to change the behavior globally.

  • worked like a charm :-) Oct 15, 2012 at 8:37

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