I need to build a script that adds comma separated values into a particular line in a file.

Say I have a file with contents:

DL1 : abc@kk.com,cde@kk.com,xyz@kk.com
DL2 : hjk@kk.com,nbv@kk.com,tuy@kk.com

now I have to remove xyz@kk.com from DL1


It's the same pattern like in your related post

sed '/^DL1 :/ s/,xyz@kk.com//' file

This substitute ,xyz@kk.com with nothing in lines that start with DL1 :.

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    ... on the assumption that it's not the first element in the list... – Jeff Schaller May 9 at 22:57
  • You're right. Changed it. – finswimmer May 10 at 8:47


perl -lpe 'if (/^DL1 :/) {s/,?xyz\@kk\.com//; s/: \K,//}' file


awk '/^DL1 :/ {sub(/,?xyz@kk\.com/,"");sub(": ,",": ")} 1' file


sed -E '/^DL1 :/ s/,?cde@kk.com//; /^DL1 :/ s/: ,/: /' file


These may not be the best tools to manipulate what is essentially a variation of a csv file. I suggest you add more context about where the data comes from and its intended use.

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