I installed Guake in my Archlinux box and I was truly satisfied. It turned out that after rebooting my computer for other matters its behaviour strangely changed. Now, when I switch between desktops with ++Up or Down Guake does not show up in the new desktop. Instead, it always shows in the same desktop where I typed F12. Hence, if I come back to that desktop I can reuse it, but what I truly need is for it to follow me while I'm changing desktops. I actually tried many different settings in the preferences, ... no luck!

This is for me the most valuable characteristic of Guake and hence I'm truly lost. By the way, I run on Wayland so I had trouble with binding F12 to open Guake and I did it via a keyboard shortcut with the gnome-preferences tool. I do not think, anyway, this should have affected the behaviour of Guake

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