how can i change the files of an appimage? i just want to replace the version of a program to another more new, the app that i need its the blender 2.79b version, and i only could found the blender 2.78c version appimage, in the appimages download site in bintray. they have the same file and folder structure so they can be replaced the files without any issue, but there is not such of option to "decompress" an appimage file in fatdog64 800 which i currently using in live mode.


AppImages are read-only by design. You can extract the contents from an AppImage using --appimage-extract, change the contents, and then pack it as an AppImage again by using appimagetool.

Making an AppImage of a new Blender version this way is nothing a user should attempt to do, though. Instead, please request an officially-made and officially-supported Blender AppImage from the Blender team.

If the Blender team is interested, I am more than happy to help them to make this happen.

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