I'm trying to to install libgsf-1-114 package which according to the packages.ubuntu the latest version is 1.14.45-1.
Currently I have version 1.14.36-1:

apt list libgsf-1-114
Listing... Done
libgsf-1-114/xenial,now 1.14.36-1 amd64 [installed,automatic]

But if I try to upgrade, I get:

sudo apt-get -s upgrade libgsf-1-114 | grep libgsf
libgsf-1-114 is already the newest version (1.14.36-1).
libgsf-1-114 set to manually installed.

I've tried setting it to auto, but it keeps saying its manually installed (if that makes any difference)

sudo apt-mark auto libgsf-1-114
libgsf-1-114 was already set to automatically installed.

I actually want to upgrade to a specific version and not to the latest but it looks like the package manager just can't find a newer version

  • What version of Ubuntu are you on? That is the latest version for 16.04 (Xenial). – kemotep May 8 at 17:56
  • Thank you @kemotep, I am using Ubuntu 16.04 (inside Windows), where can I see the latest package version per ubuntu version? – SagiLow May 8 at 18:03
  • I am using Ubuntu 16.04 (inside Windows),: Is it WSL? – Kulfy May 8 at 18:47
  • @Kulfy yes it is.. – SagiLow May 9 at 7:48

For your version of Ubuntu (16.04), that is the latest package version. As per your own link, if you want that particular version, you need to upgrade to:

disco (19.04) (libs): Structured File Library - runtime version

If you want the latest package version for your version of Ubuntu, use this link:


Where you change szPackageName by the package you're looking for.

  • 1
    got it. thank you – SagiLow May 8 at 18:05
  • 1
    @SagiLow Updated to include your last comment. – Fabby May 8 at 18:07

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