On my keyboard i have to press [fn] + [f5] for function key to execute which is really annoying so I wanted to bind keycode of [f5] key to a different key that doesn't require [fn] key.

I saw a lot of solutions for key combinations but none worked for binding function keys to a different key. I tried through Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts, but nothing i type there gets accepted as keycode in "Command:" textbox. Also I tried directly from terminal:

bind '"KP_Divide":"\e[15~"'

Nothing worked.

Is there a way to bind F5 keycode "^[[15~" ( in bash \e[15~ ) to a different key, lets say KB_Divide ( '/' on NumPad) ?

I'm using Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon

  • Which desktop environment do you use with your Mint? – Philippos May 8 at 14:02

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