I have a simple requirement. I want to receive all syslog messages coming from user facility and store them in a file. If the syslog message contains a specific pattern, I want to execute a script.

destination d_logfile { file("/var/log/logile.log"); };
destination d_start_script { program("/home/ubuntu/start-script.sh"); };
destination d_stop_script { program("/home/ubuntu/stop-script.sh"); };

filter f_logfile { facility(user) and not filter(f_debug); };
filter f_filter_start { facility(user) and message("start"); };
filter f_filter_stop { facility(user) and message("stop"); };

log { source(s_network_tcp); filter(f_logfile); destination(d_logfile); };
log { source(s_network_tcp); filter(f_filter_start); destination(d_start_script; };
log { source(s_network_tcp); filter(f_filter_stop; destination(d_stop_script); };

when I run the syslog-ng the start and stop script execute in an apparent loop even though no syslog traffic is being received.

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