How can I write a script that moves files with a certain name from a certain folder to another certain folder in my Google drive?

Example: I have a folder named 'A' with three files named 'X', 'Y', and 'Z'. I want to move the file 'X' out of that folder to another folder 'B', and the file 'Y' to another folder 'C'.

This is maybe a bit messy, but I basically want to move files with certain names to a certain folder on my Google Drive.

I would be very grateful if someone made a full script that I just can copy and paste.


If you have a directory like this :

├── X.1
├── X.2
├── X.3
├── Y.1
├── Y.2
└── Z.1


mkdir A
mv *X* A

(*X* means every file or folder containing X in its name)

results in

├── A
│   ├── X.1
│   ├── X.2
│   └── X.3
├── Y.1
├── Y.2
└── Z.1
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