I have a block content in my ~/.ssh/config. begin with a line '# BEGIN AUTO GENERATED CONTENT' and end with a line '# END AUTO GENERATED CONTENT'

I have a command replacing content between this two lines, with the content reading from a file named 'config'

sed -i -ne '/# BEGIN AUTO GENERATED CONTENT/ {p; r config' -e ':a; n; /# END AUTO GENERATED CONTENT/ {p; b}; ba}; p' ~/.ssh/config

it works well in ubuntu, but it cannot work in my mac which use bsd sed. it gave out this error message:

sed: 1: "/# BEGIN AUTO GENERATED ...": unexpected EOF (pending }'s)

I need to correct this command to work in bsd. not using gsed in mac

  • I suggest to edit the question and add an explanation what your sed script is supposed to do and show the (relevant) contents of ~/.ssh/config. – Bodo May 7 at 12:39
  • thank for your suggestion – Stackoverfrog May 7 at 12:43
  • have you considered dropping sed and writing it in something more portable, awk perhaps? – glenn jackman May 7 at 13:08
  • Why do you have two separate scripts -e '...' with unbalanced braces? Can you combine this to one script? Maybe GNU sed somehow combines all to one script while other implementations handle them separately. – Bodo May 7 at 13:14
  • You may want to reword the question title - - it is the opposite of what you require. – Rakesh Sharma May 7 at 15:33

First off, since you are on a Mac, a lone -i option won't work. You need to supply a value to it, in your case an empty one.

Secondly, it's ok to change the p;b pair to p;d in your case since the -n switch is in effect. The branch b command does not gel well with the closing braces in older seds since.

$ sed -i '' -ne '/# BEGIN AUTO GENERATED CONTENT/{' -e 'p;r config' -e ':a;n' -e '/# END AUTO GENERATED CONTENT/{' -e 'p;d' -e '}' -e 'ba' -e '}' -e 'p' ~/.ssh/config

Unless this is a use-and-throw kinda stuff, it's best to rewrite it in a file, and then invoke as:

$ sed -i '' -nf ./code ~/.ssh/config

$ cat ./code
      r config

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