RHEL6. VMware VM.

I want to move /data and all the files it contains into a new lv in existing vg.


/data is mapped directly onto sdc1 and is 100% full

/dev/sdc1             315G  299G   16M 100% /data

Fdisk shows sdc1 is 83 LINUX & it is not in pvs

 Disk /dev/sdc: 343.6 GB, 343597383680 bytes
 /dev/sdc1               1       41773   335541591   83  Linux


UUID=dc3fc363-2a6e-44c5-1234-ed59983762db /data     ext4    defaults        1 2

I have created a new lv of adequate size in a pre existing vg


I then need to mount /data on this lv without losing any data.

What is the safest way of doing this?

I thought of creating a new mountpoint /datanew and rsync the data to that but then unsure how to nondestructive rename the new mountpoint back to the old name and if this step is really needed.

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