I have same folder name in different sub-directories, but while mirroring I want to exclude specific folder only.

Example :

I have directory "123" in different directories


I want to exclude ./abc/123/ only, but if I use below command that exclude all occurance

lftp  -p 22 -e 'mirror --exclude ./abc/123/ './abc' '/var/www/' ; exit' sftp://user@domain.com

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If ^\ is specified, only the top level seems to be excluded.

Example :

 ├ img/
 │ └ dummyA.png
 └ upload/
   └ img/
     └ dummyB.png

In case of the above directory structure

mirror --reverse -x ^\img/ --delete /home /site
 └ upload/
   └ img/
     └ dummyB.png

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