I have a script with which I toggle between a dark and a light colorscheme. The terminal emulator I use (termite) rereads its configuration when receiving the signal USR1, so when toggling my colorscheme I send USR1 to all termite instances so that the colorscheme is updated immediatly.

Does there exist some possibility to convince neovim to reread its configuration (from outside of neovim)?

I couldn't really find a list of what neovim makes of unix signals. It also doesn't need to be a signal, as far as I understand neovim has some concepts of "server" and "frontend", so I guess something like connecting to each server and issuing to reload the configuration would also work.


I suspect that most of the solutions here should also work with neovim.

Since you are on *nix the first one to try is probably: :so ~/.vimrc

  • The problem is that (as far as I understand) I have to manually issue that command in every (n)vim instance I'm currently running. I'm looking for a solution to automate that, e.g. something that "logs into each nvim instance" and issues the command. – syntonym May 6 at 17:42

One can remotely control vim via the remote feature. For neovim I found the neovim-remote which makes it easy to send a command to an already running nvim process. The following snippet iterates through every nvim process (discovered by neovim-remote) and sends a command to source the config file:

for path in $(nvr --nostart --serverlist)
  nvr --nostart --servername $path -cc 'so ~/.config/nvim/init.vim'

This assumes that the config is present in ~/.config/nvim/init.vim. If your config is in a different file it should be replaced there. If there are different nvims with different configurations loaded (e.g. via the -u <configfile> flag which loads a different config file) this script will ignore that and command each instance to load the same config. I would think nvr --c 'so $MYVIMRC' should work, but it didn't for me.

The first --nostart is probably superfluous, but it shouldn't hurt.

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