I have installed minimal Raspbian on my Rpi 3. On top of that, I installed Kodi. So far so good.
However, the add-on I want to use does not deal very well with Kodi 18 so I would like to install the latest stable Kodi 17.3 instead of the one that was installed by default.

I want to delete my current Kodi installation and install Kodi 17.3.
How can I install a specific version of Kodi? If I use sudo apt-get ... Kodi that gets installed is the latest version.
Is there any way to specify on the command line Kodi version I want to get installed?

  • I asked by pi: it says that I can install 18.1 (2:18.1-1~stretch), or 17.1 (2:17.1+dfsg1-3), from the package manager. If you want 17.3 then you will have to do it manually (not from package manager). This may involve compiling it. – ctrl-alt-delor May 6 at 11:26

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