CentOS 7 stuck at startup when running at GUI level command line level works fine.

Only mouse cursor can be seen everything else is black

Press Ctrl + alt + F3 reads "A start job is running for wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit " other key combination no response. enter image description here

Two driver failure found in Xorg.log Galllium3D and drmDropMaster dont know how to fix them or even they are relevant enter image description here

No service failed to startenter image description here

Execute "startx" at level 3 command line will work manually showing extremely large icons and no buttons,panels, widgets or application bar

Update to kernel 5.0.0 does not work // Yum update does not work // Reinstall gdm does not work.

Please reply "ONLY" if you know a direct path to diagnose and solve the problem NO short comment or try and error please.

If anyone can suggest a way to reinstall all system files without changing any user file that is fine as well

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