Recently, I came across the idea of placing a window with currently playing video behind transparent terminal, like this. At the moment, I am using dwm, and I can implement a simple case of this idea with one video and one transparent terminal using monocle layout (placing a window with video behind a terminal), but I want to implement more complicated things:

  1. to make one background window with video that will be common for all tags/workspaces - so it will be possible to switch tags/workspaces while persisting background video;
  2. to have an opportunity to use tiling layout algorithm above the window with video.

There is a sticky patch for dwm that allows to have a common window for all tags, but I didn't find the way how to persist background monocle client on other tags with tiling layout (frankly, I doubt that this is possible in dwm).

I think that this would be possible if there were some kind of containers that can store different layouts on different layers (sub-layouts?), so, for example, I could create container with "deck" layout, place video in bottom element and activate "tiling" layout in upper element, but even in that case I don't know how to persist video between different workspaces...

Is there any way to do such things in dwm or any other tiling wm?

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