I use Alpine Linux 3.9.3 x86_64

when I issue:

# apk upgrade

the output is:

3 errors; 1973 MiB in 519 packages

How can I get details about those 3 errors? I tried --verbose flag but result is same.


Some workaround would be to do:

apk -sv fix

this will simulate the fix without doing it, -v should show more details but actually doesn't do this.

The result is:

# apk -sv fix
(1/3) Reinstalling fuse-common (3.2.6-r1)
(2/3) Reinstalling fuse-openrc (3.2.6-r1)
(3/3) Reinstalling xorgproto (2018.4-r0)
3 errors; 524 packages, 2845 dirs, 48016 files, 2002 MiB

But still - no details, just short summary. I wish to know what is wrong, can't find any logs or something like that.

apk fix

This command lists and fixes the errors.

  • Well, I'm afraid this is not what I'm asking about. The solution you have provided will do the fix when I'd asked about getting details of those errors. – user1337 May 6 at 21:03

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