When the errexit option is enabled any failing command will cause the script to exit. I want to invert this behavior for certain commands that are expected to fail. That is: I want to continue only if the indicated command fails.

I currently do something like this, it's ugly:

some_test() { 
    # retuns nonzero if some condition is met, and zero otherwise

some_change() {
    # makes a change that should alter the return code of the above test

set -e

echo "expected success, found it"


set +e
some_test           # expect failure

if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]
   echo "expected failure, found success"
   echo "expected failure, found it"

set -e

# ...more testing below

I am looking for something more concise. I know that I can tolerate a failing command like this:

some_test && true

But I don't want to merely tolerate failure, I want to assert failure. If the second test passes, I want my script to fail.

if my_command; then false; else true; fi

I don't believe it's possible to emulate this using conditional gymnastics.

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