I'm trying to mount Samba shares automatically using fstab.

Right now my fstab entry for the network share is

//bistack/matt  /mnt/Network_Shares/Matt  cifs  user=matt,pass=*****,auto,nouser,exec,rw,async,atime,vers=3.0  0  0

Although when I try to mount the shares using sudo mount -av it errors out with error 13 permission denied. I thought this was simply because the password or the username I had was wrong, although the verbose output has the credentials as user=root,pass=******** which is of course not the same as the fstab file has.

  • Did you put your credentials in smbpasswd ? – Seamus May 4 at 16:54
  • Yes, the credentials work. I can log in to the web interface using the same ones. – Matt May 4 at 17:07
  • If I'm not mistaken, the web interface does not use smbpasswd, and being able to login there does not mean your credentials are valid with Samba. A bit complex to explain in this comment, but do this: Please edit your question, and include the output of testparm (incl the service definitions) run on your samba server host. – Seamus May 5 at 1:43

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