shadowsocks is working well on my mac.

I have tried a lot of tutorials to setup shadowsocks client on centos 6.6 in vm fusion, none of them work.

sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum -y install python-pip
sudo yum -y install libsodium
sudo pip install https://github.com/shadowsocks/shadowsocks/archive/master.zip -U
sudo nano /etc/shadowsocks.json
# paste the same configuration that works well on my mac
sudo sslocal -c /etc/shadowsocks.json -d start

So far, everything goes well. curl http://httpbin.org/ip returns the IP successfully though, --socks5 param produces

couldn't connect to host

with this configuration:

enter image description here

i've tried to set "No proxy for" as localhost, or empty, none of them worked.

Firefox cannot access anything.

Any clues?

this is not about shadowsocks-qt5.


According to your tutorial , your shadowsocks client ( ss-local ) exposes a SOCKS-5 proxy , and you can use that SOCKS-5 proxy for all your connections in Firefox , but as it shows in your screenshot , you are using the HTTP proxy section of your Firefox , just fill out the SOCKS5 section and remove HTTP proxy section on your Firefox proxy settings and it should work just fine , but if you you need to use the HTTP proxy on port 1080 , you can use the Qt5 version the Qt5 version is working very well for me and you have greater control over your proxy settings .


it has a nice GUI and it opens a http/s proxy on port 1080 that can be used as you global proxy or Firefox proxy .

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