MacPro 2006 (has 32bit EFI and can emulate BIOS aka Legacy)


2 x QuadCore Xeon CPUs (upgraded)

6 x SATA ports

2 x PATA ports

Anytime the Mac boots using Legacy, only 4 SATA ports are recognised, temperature sensors (and thus fan control) are not presented to the kernel to be controlled. This leads to all sorts of heat issues where other people on the net experience the CPUs halting to protect themselves.

For obvious reasons, I would much prefer to get EFI boot happening.

I have used mattgadent.com's method to patch the FreeNAS 11.2-U3 ISO so that it has MBR boot only. This is seen by the MacPro's firmware, boots and so I'm able to install onto a 500GB PATA disk.

The FreeNAS installation asks whether to setup the PATA disk as EFI for BIOS.

If I choose EFI, a 64bit bootx64.efi file is copied to the ~260MB EFI partition. Naturally, the 32bit EFI of the Mac will not be able to execute this.

Using Sergey's blog as a reference, I thought I could swap out the bootx64.efi file in the EFI partition with bootia32.efi that is used to boot Ubuntu 64bit kernel via EFI.

After swapping out the file, GRUB drops into rescue mode and so clearly my knowledge about freeBSD/freeNAS is lacking.

I know these Macs are ancient, but I just can't bare to see it go to waste. Power consumption of these Macs is offset by our solar so it would be great to put them to use somehow. I've installed Ubuntu 16 onto these MacPros via EFI and with 10GB Chelsio cards, they make great backup machines with their 6xSATA ports.

I have searched for posts booting FreeNAS/FreeBSD via Grub2 EFI, but cannot find any EFI howtos only BIOS posts.

Anyone able to suggest the glue needed to get a 32bit EFI of the MacPro to boot the FreeNAS/FreeBSD Bootloader?

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