I'm running a Kali Linux with KDE Plasma and encountered an issue where I cannot logout/reboot or shutdown.

I tried adding acpi=force, apm=power_off' and reboot=bios to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, but it didn't work.

The issue is that whenever I try to shutdown or reboot the PC it freezes, the cursor dissapears and the screen remains frozen basically forever. I had the absolutely same problem with GNOME before and that's the main reason I decided to switch to KDE Plasma, but it didn't fix the problem.

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    Please note that Kali is a tool designed for experts. It is not a normal operating system and should not be used as one. You're trying to customize Kali, so I would strongly urge you to use a different operating system. – Fabby May 4 '19 at 8:34

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