I've recently started having problem on Manjaro where everytime I play Starcraft 2 using WINE (through Lutris) it works well for like 2-5 minutes, and then it suddenly completely freezes the system, to the point where I have to physically press the power button to reboot, and then when I do reboot, I don't have the GRUB menu anymore and it boots directly into Windows... Now I found a solution to re-add the Grub menu, booting using a liveUSB and recreating the grub basically, but I can't find a solution as to why Manjaro dies on me while playing a game.

My computer specs:

  • i5-4690K
  • Gefore GTX 960
  • 8Gb RAM DDR3
  • Samsung 256Gb SSD
  • MSI Z97S SLI Krait edition motherboard
  • Dual monitor (1 via HDMI, 1 via DVI, both connected on my GPU)

My distro is Manjaro I3 edition that I installed like 2 weeks ago, and I've updated all my packages multiple time since this I experienced this error the first time.

Here's what I think might be the issue right now:

  • Graphic card driver
    • But I'm using the proprietary driver, not the open source one, and everyone seems to think that they run fine. Also, I've installed the driver using the GUI in the setting (MHWD)
  • Maybe it's something related to OpenGL?
  • Or Actually I think WINE might be using Vulkan, so maybe a Vulkan problem ?

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