Is it possible to relabel a partition that was accidentally relabeled with a different file system type? We think we accidentally relabeled sdb1 as XFS when it should have been labeled lvm(8e), after trying to get access to a disk array after an OS rebuild.

We have a RHEL 5.6 system that had to be rebuilt, and afterwards could not mount an external disk array (sdb). We are fairly certain it had this configuration:

/dev/sdb1 - LVM partition
/dev/DBU/lvol0 - xfs logical volume
/dev/DBU/lvol6 - xfs logical volume

Unfortunately though when trying to mount we get:

# mount -t xfs /dev/DBU/lvol0 /mnt/t1
mount: /dev/DBU/lvol0: can't read superblock

Yes changing partitions format or type will destroy you data Because before mounting you need format partitions using mkfs command

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