On my default.pa I have load-module module-switch-on-connect, which works to make audio stream to automatically switch to headphones when I connect them. I use my PC connected to my TV through HDMI, and HDMI audio should be the fallback sink, not my PC internal audio device. When I turn on my PC, it plays through HDMI, when I connect my bluetooth headphones it switches to it, then, when I disconnect it, pulseaudio switches to internal audio instead of HDMI audio, even if I've set HDMI as set-default-sink in my default.pa (it looks like set-default-sink is one hit command).

How to fix this?


I learned from this that unloading the specific module for my internal devices removes it, which leaves HDMI as the sole fallback available. I'm not sure how to make it permanent, since I have to run pactl unload-module 7, where 7 was the current "owner module", I've put unload-module 7 on my default.pa and it works but, ideally, I don't wish to remove the device entirely, I just want to have a proper fallback.

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