I have also used NAT and forwarding and it's working fine (but in my case I want cluster or Jenkins master and Jenkins slave that's why I have created network NAT).

I have created NAT network named NatnetworkLab in VirtualBox and I cannot connect to my machine using ssh client.  I have already done the port forwarding. My machine have static IP addresses ( and

ssh between machine1 and machine2 works fine, but I would like use PuTTY to connect to my machines directly from my host machine (Windows 10) using PuTTY.

I have added rules:

  • machine 1 2222 22
  • machine 1 2223 22

I have of course tried to connect via PuTTY using and port 2222 or 2223.

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I have found my issue. I have cloned my original debian to create my new Jenkins Slave so I think there is a conflict with may be the original MAC Adress. When I try to launch and connect with putty on Slave and Master it doesn't work but when one of them is off it's working.

I will post the resolution when I will found where came from the issue

EDIT: It"s working fine with two nodes, so I think I have cloned VM without generated new MAC Adress.

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