What is the reason why to package (thus spend time and resources) Firefox extensions in the Arch Linux repository[1] ?

Honestly I can see only one good reason: the kiosk case, where everything except internet navigation is inhibited.
(also in this case one can install needed extensions beside Firefox, prior to lock the kiosk...)

Where negative effects of having extensions installed this way are:

  • hard job to maintain them (creation/update/issue...)
  • not automatically updated by Firefox
  • out-to-date version due to frequent update
  • only a bunch of extensions are in the repo

What am I missing?

I do not know if other distributions (repositories) have them

[1] https://www.archlinux.org/packages/?sort=&q=firefox+extension&maintainer=&flagged=

  • Is your question “Why are firefox extensions in the application repository, when I can install them manually?”. – ctrl-alt-delor May 3 at 8:35
  • @ctrl-alt-delor yes – mattia.b89 May 3 at 14:05

Assuming that your question is ”Why are firefox extensions in the application repository, when I can install them manually?”

Then the answer is why not, this argument can be made for everything in the repository. I don't use them, because I like to keep my web-browser more up to date, than the one in the repository. But this could be true of any application (there is nothing special about a web-browser).

  • I completely disagree with you! Extensions are much more simple than applications: the latter needs a compilation and a deep integration with the whole system (libs, filesystem hierarchy, etc.); the former it's like a sandboxed app... – mattia.b89 May 3 at 14:16
  • It is a continuum. There are some packages like you say that need compiling, some that need deep integration, some that don't need compiling (python, shell-scripts, etc), some that need no integration. So yes the firefox extensions may not need much to install them, but some for a lot of other stuff. Where should we draw the line? And if I have to do it manually, this adds a lot of complexity for each package that I need to install manually. – ctrl-alt-delor May 3 at 19:34

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