I have a desktop running Linux Mint, a laptop running PureOS, and an Android phone all connected to the same wifi network. I was wondering if there were some way to have like a "public" folder that any of the devices can dump files into or download from. That way whenever I'm on any device, if I download files that I know I'll eventually want access to on other devices I can always download them into this public folder and all other devices receive it, immediately or the next time they connect to the network.

If there isn't a software solution, is there some sort of hardware that can do this?

  • What total size of data are you thinking of? Dropbox or equivalent would seem to be the obvious solution here for a relatively small amount. – Philip Kendall May 3 '19 at 5:49

Syncthing is designed exactly for this: it can sync folders across multiple devices, with intermittent connectivity. Folders don’t have to be shared across all devices, or even bi-directionally (e.g. to back your phone up). It can be configured to only sync within a given network, or over the Internet. It’s supported on a wide range of devices.

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