I have folder named 'data' in the terminal folder. Some of the file names in data have a ',' in them. I am able to list them by

$ cd data
$ ls -i |grep -E '\,'

But I don't know how to remove ',' from those filenames. From my research I tried something like grep -E '\,' | sed ',' but it did not work. If I can't remove the commas from the file filenames, I am willing to delete those files but I can't delete them either (it says no such file or directory) on terminal folder or with the command line using rm.

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Using the bash shell, you could loop over all of the filenames that have a comma in them and rename them to remove all the commas:

for f in *,*; do mv -- "$f" "${f//,/}"; done

With a sample run:

$ touch foo,bar a,b,c,d
$ ls
a,b,c,d  foo,bar

The results are:

$ for f in *,*; do mv -- "$f" "${f//,/}"; done
$ ls
abcd  foobar

This will clobber any destination filenames that already exist.


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