I'm trying to set colors within my .bashrc. I would like my background to be black, bash prompt text to be white and input text to be lime green. I have this so far:

export PS1="[\e[1;37;40m[\u@\W]\$ "

however I am unable to change my input text to lime green.


It really looks best if you set your terminal to green foreground and black background and don't modify the prompt to a green foreground color. I don't know the color code for lime green, so I used green.

# terminal with green foreground, black background
# no need to set green foreground/background color
export PS1="\e[1;37m[\u@\W]\$ \e[0m"

# terminal with white foreground, black background
#            or black foreground, white background
export PS1="\e[1;37;40m[\u@\W]\$\e[0;32m "

Used codes:

  • \e[1m bold
  • \e[32m green foreground
  • \e[37m white foreground
  • \e[40m black background
  • \e[0m end sequence

You can also try \e[92m light green...

bash color prompt

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