I can reach my phone using:

torsocks ssh myphone

if I have this in my .ssh/config:

Host myphone
  User u0_a162
  Port 2222
  HostName umqkh75wp2chf5av5esqhtyzedmw4it76dvs7ild2rikbcek6eyqfsqd.onion

Can I somehow adapt the .ssh/config so that I can simply write this and run the same:

ssh myphone

Can I somehow move the torsocks into .ssh/config - possibly with ProxyCommand or similar?


Use this as the ProxyCommand:

ProxyCommand nc -x localhost:9050 -X 5 umqkh75wp2chf5av5esqhtyzedmw4it76dvs7ild2rikbcek6eyqfsqd.onion 2222

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