I have a rhel 7 server that users will be connecting to, and I created ALL the users/groups then realize I needed to add a command to /etc/skel/.bashrc such that it executes upon login, but this doesn't seem to apply to the users I've already created. I created a new user and the commands execute upon logging in, just not for the existing users. Is there a way to update/force this upon existing users?

  • Are you concerned about overwriting the existing users' ~/.bashrc files? – Jeff Schaller May 1 at 14:53
  • Interactive login shells will read /etc/profile. Add the command there. – William Pursell May 1 at 15:03
  • @JeffSchaller no they can be overwritten, is that possible? – JJC8008 May 1 at 15:16

Don't add the command to the skeleton .bashrc. Instead, put it in /etc/profile, which will be read upon startup for all interactive login (bash) shellsand non-interactive (bash) shells invoked with --login.

Even better (thanks, @glennjackman!) is to add a link in /etc/profile.d that ends with .sh with the necessary command.

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    or add a .sh file to /etc/profile.d – glenn jackman May 1 at 15:05
  • +2 to glenn jackman's suggestion. Down vote this response. Don't ever edit /etc/profile.d, but make sure that /etc/profile.d sources things in /etc/profile.d . (which rhel 7 will do, although the mechanism is a bit kludgy IMO) – William Pursell May 1 at 15:07

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