I have various printers available via CUPS which everything, including LibreOffice, has available in the printing menu. These have useful queue and display names, defined locally, such as Reception_Printer. They work.

LibreOffice, and only LibreOffice, adds things to the list such as HP_Officejet_Pro_8710_AC2EF6. These are identifiable as related to the printer hardware and Ethernet MAC address, but generally just cause confusion because (a) there is >1 printer of the same type and (b) printing to these entities doesn't work and hangs LibreOffice for a considerable time.

What are they? What can I do to make these entities disappear? (Or alternatively, though less usefully, to make them actually work, if that's easy).

(I had not actually noticed them before upgrading from LibreOffice 5.4 on Fedora 27, to LibreOffice 6.1.5 on Fedora 29. Can't swear that they weren't there before, though, because they are at the bottom of a scrollable list and the useful stuff is at the top).

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